Podcast Ep.95: Not Called (Dr. Rick Kronk)

In this podcast, Dr. Richard Kronk and I discuss his book, Not Called. Do you remember being called into ministry? How do you look back at that now? I’ll be honest, when I sat down to be interviewed for licensing I felt I had to come up with a dramatic, mystical experience, a supernatural finger pointing directive from Jesus himself to validate my call to ministry. As I got older, life and ministry did not go the way I had hoped. Did I mis-read the call of God on my life? I committed myself to life-long service as a missionary, but that lasted only six years. A friend of mine shared his guilt with me of having gone forward in a meeting to serve God in full-time ministry only to find himself serving in secular work? Was God angry with my friend for going back on his vow to serve Jesus? Or, can we rethink and reframe the whole notion of calling into ministry? I think we can, and that is what Dr. Kronk and I discuss together in this BYQ episode. You will be challenged, and I think, encouraged.


Rick Kronk serves as an associate professor of Intercultural Studies at Toccoa falls College in Toccoa Falls, GA. Before joining the faculty at Toccoa seven years ago, Rick and his wife spent 16 years in ministry among Muslims in France. Rick’s ministry experience among Muslims has fueled his on-going research and publication efforts which include the role of dreams and visions in conversion, the dynamics of conversion and church affiliation and his latest book which deals with the historical, biblical and missional understanding of divine calling. Rick and his wife have two married children. When Rick is not teaching, researching or writing you can find him out on some nearby lake with a fishing rod in his hands.


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