This mission flows out of Jacob’s desire to see his son Joseph experience deep fulfillment out of the tremendous struggles and losses he experienced. We love that phrase in Genesis 49:22, “Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall.” The image here is of a vine, so nourished by the spring that its reach cannot be stopped. A pastor, a cross-cultural worker, so connected to Jesus, whose roots run so deep into the life of Jesus, he or she becomes like a vine climbing over a wall. The blessings reach beyond his or her own context. You can’t hold back what is happening in his or her life. And all of it fed by the deep springs brought about even from loss, accusation, and conflict. All these have driven the servant deeper into Jesus.

What We Do

– Personal one-on-one counseling

– Phone counseling

– Marriage counseling

– Offering guidance via email or phone calls in working through challenges in ministry

– Take our assessment worksheet to help you decide how FVM can help. Select here to download the ministry assessment form.

– Working with church leaders to better support their pastor Select here to download the Leaders Support Your Pastor work sheet.

– Helping pastor gatherings become “communities of trust.” This initiative will involve the gathering of three to five pastors who meet together to talk more about the soul than the church. We are currently developing this tool and plan on having it available in the fall of 2014.

– We are committed to helping ministry leaders and their families minimize stress. We meet them where they are and, if needed, welcome them to our home. We realize that ministry leaders in crisis are often not in a position to adequately cover the expenses that come with our assistance. We are committed to raising sufficient funds to also cover these expenses.

– We also encourage churches to contribute to Fruitful Vine Ministry, especially when their pastor is helped by this ministry.

Our vision is Bringing Courage and Perspective When Serving Gets Hard . We want:

  • To see a revived pastor leading a healthy church.
  • To see healthy cross-cultural workers having great impact in their ministry context.
  • To see healthy churches so effective that nothing is holding them back from being catalysts to fulfilling the Great Commission. After all, God has chosen to do what He is doing through this organism we call the Local Church.
  • This vision, however, is bigger than just seeing spiritual leaders become healthy again. Yes, we want to see discouraged pastors reclaim their passion for preaching, leading and serving. Yes, we long to see cross-cultural workers in crisis restored and renewed. Yes, we want to see all of them experience a healthy marriage. Yes, we want to witness healing where there has been loss; ultimately, we want this so spiritually healthy leaders and churches will be heavily engaged in the mission of giving every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus.

Our objective is:

  • Preparing ministry leaders for the challenges of ministry
  • We long to see servants of Jesus prepared with the proper tools and the right perspective to handle the regular daily pressures of ministry.
  • Helping ministry leaders who encounter the pitfalls of ministry
  • Like Joseph, the pastor and Christian worker can discover what it means to be confident, even when they find themselves in the “pits” of ministry. Often, the tough circumstances will not change, but the servant is given new passion to serve Jesus where he is and out of what he has gone through.
  • Supporting pastoral families through personal and ministry crisis
  • There is nothing more wonderful than to see someone experience loss and not be defeated by it. Instead, God uses the loss to make them even more productive. Their vines are growing healthily and spreading blessings to everyone they touch.


PREPARED for the challenges of ministry

CONFIDENT in Jesus to continue growing spiritually through the pitfalls of ministry

STRENGTHENED to live through and to serve from the crises and losses