Podcast Ep.123: Grace, Race and the Church (Pastor Tom Sugimura)

When you think of race and the church you likely think of the turmoil in our nation in 2020. It woke the church up, and we found ourselves asking if we are doing a good enough job understanding race, and appreciating the stories of those who hold different ethnicities than we do. How does the gospel address race? READ MORE

Podcast Ep. 96: This Generation-Defending The Faith (Don Williams)

Have you ever wondered how this generation is doing in defending their faith? I remember back in my early years in ministry doing a number of training programs such as Evangelism Explosion which provided me wonderful tools for sharing the gospel to others. Yet, in forty years so much has changed. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.66: A White and a Black Pastor Talk Race and Social Justice

What exactly is being asked of us? Why should I be responsible for the sins of my ancestors? I’m not racist, but why am I made to feel like I am? What do you mean, ‘unless I am anti racist, then I am racist? It feels you’re asking for penance, not repentance? Can there really be justice in a world full of rebellion and hatred toward God? How does the gospel speak to race and social justice?