Podcast Ep 8: Storms and the Pastor’s Home (with Brett Schultz)

Brett Schultz grew up in a pastor’s home and he’s actually a normal kid.

Pastors try as best they can to assure their children do not grow up with the common stigmas that come with being a PK (Pastor’s Kid). The pressure to represent the family well can be a heavy burden for any child of a ministry parent. While most pastors and missionaries do a great job protecting their children from these burdens, there are some things that are beyond their control. Brett is my son, and he’s often told me that we did well allowing him to be a normal kid, but there were somethings we could not protect him from.

I sat down with Brett and talked about what it was like to struggle through cancer, and how this, along with the loss of his older brother to cancer, and his mothers struggle to recover from brain cancer, shaped an indelible faith that could only have been forged in the fires of suffering. He’ll tell you he would not be who is today, doing what he’s doing, had it not been for these trials. Brett works as writer and producer for Student Life Ministries and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Brett is also founder of an Improv Team called The 2’nd Funniest Guys You’ve Ever Met. If you are interested in inviting Brett and his team to your church, you can go his website here.   The ‘2nd Funniest Guys’ provide quick-witted, outrageous improv comedy. Each show, based off audience members’ personal stories and suggestions, will bring laughter and energy, leading to a memorable experience for your group. Whether it be for your student gathering, DNOW, or Senior Sunday School Ice Cream Social these guys are sure to bring the excitement and hilarity your group has been waiting for. 

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