A Blog: Sheer Joy! What we have to look forward to!

“When the Lord restores the fortress of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, ‘ The LORD has done great things for them’, The LORD has done great things for us” -Psa.126


The town where I live experienced a collective mood of grief when several weeks ago some dear friend’s 21 old daughter was killed in a car accident. Old memories pushed and ripped  through the blanket of grief, most heavy on the family I know, and covered me for a moment with memories of my own loss nearly twenty years ago now; the death of my oldest son, in this same town, with similar reactions from so many who moved in to cover us with support.

I leafed through some old writings and found the following promise-filled-sentences meant to shower us  with hope when that blanket of grief seems so heavy.

The glory I look forward to is like:

-The thrill of going home for the summer when I was away from my parents at boarding school…

-A wife and her two children shrieking in delight when their soldier husband/dad surprises them at a ball game…

-A man laughs uncontrollably in discovering he wins the 1 million dollar lottery…

-A young woman cries for joy in the doctors office hearing that her cancer is gone….

-The young woman screams with delight as her boyfriend proposes to her….

-The crowd goes wild as their star receiver catches the pass with only two seconds left on the clock, and their team wins…

…..all this not does not even close to the sheer exuberant uncontainable delight of what it will be like when we take that first step into glory….Only then will our mouths fill with laughter, and our tongues shout with joy;


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