Podcast Ep 28: A Pastor’s Wife Recovers Her Identity After Her Life is Shattered (A Tribute to Chris Gerlach)

In 2013 my wife and I moved to Augusta GA for what turned out to be one year ministry of helping replant a church that had just closed. Several months after our move a dynamic young couple, Chris and Carla Gerlach, moved near us to help us in this mission and to network with several other churches in the area. 


Chris turned out to be an important catalyst in developing a strong network with far reaching potential in the Savanah River region. Carla also played a critical role in supporting Chris by  raising her boys and being involved in the lives of so many others. Carla’s world collapsed after receiving a phone call that Chris had collapsed during a game of ultimate frisbee. In this podcast, Carla explains what it was like to receive this shocking news, and how she managed in the months and years that followed in raising her two boys without their father and without a ministry.

Carla is a young mom from South Carolina whose church planter husband suddenly died from a heart attack at 32 with no warning. She has had 4 years since the loss to dig deep into her walk with Christ as the only solid foundation in life. Carla currently lives in Columbia S.C. and is passionate about raising her two sons, Charlie, age 10 and Meyer, age 6.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep 28: A Pastor’s Wife Recovers Her Identity After Her Life is Shattered (A Tribute to Chris Gerlach)”

  1. I taught Carla when she was in my Sunday school class as a teenager. She has always loved the Lord and people around her. I count it a true blessing to know her. Praying for her daily.

    1. Thank you Beth for your investment in Carla’s life and no doubt so many. She’s an amazing person and such a testimony and courage. Thank you for your very encouraging note.

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