Podcast Ep.90: Being A Loving Husband (Dan Stegeman)

I reflect often on how the church is as healthy as it’s families. And a healthy family is where there is a man, a husband and father who loves Jesus, and the gospel is the basis of his commitment to marriage. (I also know many single moms who experience health as they rely on Jesus and the community of believers.) I am excited today to talk to Pastor Dan Stegeman on a booklet he wrote titled, I Want To Be A Loving Husband. We had a great conversation today on the booklet but also on the great example Jesus gave us in his love for the church. Daniel Stegeman, DMin, is pastor of Pine Glen Alliance Church in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Daniel and his wife Stephane are the proud parents of four children and you can find his blog at www.pastoral-theology.com

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