Podcast Ep. 69: Opioid Addiction and the Church

Today is a hard topic but a necessary one. I want to talk about something the church needs to be more aware of than I think we are and that is the topic of opioid addiction. You will also find later in the podcast that this is a very personal subject for me as I choose this podcast to share publicly about my own struggle some years ago with dependance on prescription pain medication. I love the conversation I had with Kirk Driscoll on how church can be a healing community for those who struggle with addiction. It is very likely that you have a number in your congregation who struggle with drug addiction, particularly opioid addiction. I hope this podcast helps you to better reach those who live in isolation of addiction but also that it would offer courage to you, if you are in the midst of this lonely struggle yourself. I know Kirk will encourage you as he shares his own struggle with addiction and the insight he has gleamed that has helped many over come this tragic reality. My guest today is Kirk Driscoll who lives in Atlanta, GA with his family, and leads the Warrior Vision Church whose mission is to end addiction, everywhere. On their mission page it says this: The statistics related to drug overdoses on opiates alone is staggering. It is estimated that in 2017 nearly 49,000 people died from overdose caused by opiates alone and that number is rising. As an American you are more likely to die from an overdose than a car crash, or gun violence.The treatment of this affliction is multifaceted, we believe it should not bankrupt a person or family, and that a safe sober environment should be available to anyone who wants to recover. This is a needed conversation and I am so glad I connected with Kirk Driskell to talk about. Let’s join in that conversation right now. 

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