Podcast Ep:62 Pastoring During The Coronavirus

What a time we live. Who would have thought even three months ago that this would be our story. Stay at home. Places closed. People lose jobs. During this time my heart has mostly gone to the pastor who longs to continue shepherding his people who are severely being tested. Yet here we are. To discuss what its like to pastor during the coronavirus I asked three pastor friends who live and pastor in Toccoa GA to sit with me and talk about what this has been like for them and what to expect ministry to look like when we reach that place where church life will return to normal. I sat down with Pastor Brian Rockwell of First Alliance Church in Toccoa Ga, pastor Jay Mosser of Carnscreek Baptist Church and Pastor Aaron Santor of Grace Fellowship of Toccoa GA. I urge and encourage you to share this podcast with your pastor because I have a strong feeling he needs to be encouraged and while you’re at it why not tell him how much you appreciate him and his ministry during this very strange and difficult time.

Click here for an excellent article: 4 Powerful Ways Pastors Can Shepherd through the Coronavirus Pandemic by Homer Purdy


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