Podcast Ep.99: The State of Global Mission (Tim Crouch)

What is the state of Global Missions? Ironically, in my view, globalization has affected our burden for the lost in our world. Or, maybe it’s just me. I remember early in my days of ministry training, you had to work hard to see what was happening in far reaches of the world. We did a ton of reading. Speakers would share powerful stories and implore us to pray and go. Today, with a push of a button we can pretty much connect anywhere in the globe. I’d like, in this podcast, to remind us of the urgency. To remind us that there are still billions of people who have little opportunity to hear of Jesus. To remind us to pray, to support and even go. This conversation with Tim Crouch was helpful to me in having a refreshed burden for missions. I hope it will do the same for you. 

Tim Crouch took on the role of vice president for Alliance Missions of The Christian & Missionary Alliance on February 1, 2014. Tim’s role, along with regional and ministry location leaders, is to provide leadership to over 700 U.S. Alliance IWs (with aXcess, marketplace ministries, CAMA, and Envision).

Tim’s heart is to see Alliance Missions help make gospel access available for peoples of the world that lack it, and to flow from peoples who’ve gained it to others who still wait. 

Prior to becoming the vice president for Alliance Missions, Tim and his wife, Shelly, served as Alliance international workers (IWs) in Russia from 1995-2010, with seven of those years Tim being the field director for the Alliance there. In 2010 Tim and Shelly were appointed the regional leadership couple for the N&C Asia region where they supervised 75 IWs serving in six countries and worked with national church leaders in each of those nations. 

Tim and Shelly reside in Columbus, OH. They have four grown children—Anna, Joshua, David, and Michael.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep.99: The State of Global Mission (Tim Crouch)”

  1. Hi Pastor Tim & Shelly, for years I have been trying to get in touch with you since you wend to your mission in Rusia. Every year I look at our friends Christmas cards and pray fort those far from home. Finally you are back in USA.
    Shelly please send me a note or email (tivatvinfo@gmail.com)
    I hope you all are well.
    May God bless you always.
    Lydibel (“Little Bell” from Puerto Rico we worked at Exton fabric store together)

    1. I will send this to them directly as they will not receive these comments. Hope you can connect with them 🙂

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