Podcast Ep.98: The Story of Glenn Wanless

Stories grip me. Stories that depict the wonderful work of Jesus in the lives of people grip me more. I have known Glenn Wanless for over twenty years. We met and served together in England. He tells the story of how Jesus met him, called him and continues to do his wonderful work through him. What you will hear today is more evidence that our wonderful Savior has a wonderful and specific touch in how he brings us to himself.

Rev Glenn and Vivienne Wanless, have been serving the Lord in ministry for over 27 years. Glenn has been ordained with the Christian & Missionary Alliance for over 25 years, both he and Vivienne have been used by God to mobilize and unify the body of Christ into Kingdom action. They 

lived most of their lives in England becoming Christians in their early 20’s. Glenn earned his degree at an Interdenominational and International seminary while living in Scotland. The focus of their ministry has been church planting, replanting and bringing renewal to Christians and churches.
As well as serving in the UK, they have these past 19 years served in the USA in Montana, Ohio and Florida. They have been married for 34 years and have two children, David and Rachel and 5 grandchildren Benjamin, James, William, Everly and Jovie. They believe that God has called them to bring the whole gospel to the whole world.

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