Podcast Ep.97: The State of the Church (Terry Smith)

As you know if you have been listening to these podcasts for very long, I love the church. Even though the church has a lot of flaws, and has a long way to go to be what Jesus wants her to be, I still love the church. I love the church not only because Jesus loves the church, after all she is his bride, but I actually love the church because it is meaningful to me. I love the worship, the hearing of the Word, the sacraments, witnessing baptisms, and seeing how it is the church more than any other organization that serves others, the community and the world. I also love the church because we are promised in Ephesians 5:27 that one day Jesus will present her to himself in splendor, without spots or wrinkle that she might be without blemish. While the church is imperfect, God is doing a perfect work through her, through us. That is why I love the church. Now this begs the question. How are we doing? How is the church doing in being this body of Jesus to a dying and lost world. How is the church doing in being a place of worship and place for discipleship? Well, I talked about all that with someone who not only loves the church himself, but knows a lot about it. His name is Terry Smith and Terry serves as Vice President for Church Ministries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. So grab your coffee, put on your fluffy bunny slippers and lets join Terry in this wonderful conversation about the state of the Church in America. 

Rev. Terry Smith was appointed as vice president for Church Ministries with The Christian and Missionary Alliance and began serving in this role on December 1, 2017.

Terry has served with the C&MA since 1981. He pastored Alliance churches in Florida and in Pennsylvania as well as serving in the role of church-planting director in three districts, He was elected superintendent of the Eastern PA district in August 2014. Terry also served on the C&MA Board of Directors prior to being appointed as vice president for Church Ministries in December 2017. 

A graduate of Toccoa Falls College, Terry also holds a master’s degree from Crown College. He is the author of Changing Course: Leading Older Churches in a New Direction. 

Terry has been married to Ruth since 1977. They have two married, adult sons and five grandchildren.

Order Terry’s book by clicking on the book cover

One thought on “Podcast Ep.97: The State of the Church (Terry Smith)”

  1. My take away … be true to the truth, but speak that truth in love.
    We have a lot more freedom than we use.
    Get used to ministering where we do not have the favor of the government.
    No matter what that might cost us.
    I think you both could have been more incisive when dealing with the theme of “The State of the Church”. I think it’s more serious than acknowledged.

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