Podcast Ep.93: When Tragedy Hits Home (Peter Yang)

You’re in college and life is good. You get a phone from your brother that turns your world upside down. You father murdered his wife, your mom. What do you do? How do you process this? Where do you turn? All this happened to Peter Yang only a few years ago. Now an unwelcome participant on the new path of tragedy, Peter fought to keep his perspective and clung hard to his faith. Jesus came though and Peter is now eager to see him to use this hard story to encourage others in their hard stories.

Peter is a graduate from Toccoa Falls College located in northeast Georgia, with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology. He resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his beautiful wife of 11 years along with their 4 sons. His memoir, “Do Not Waste It: A True Story of Tragedy and Transformation” is set to release December 2022. He is the host of the Do Not Waste It Podcast. Listen at donotwasteit.com/podcast. He is on staff as the worship leader of Hope Baptist Church in Stallings, North Carolina.

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