Podcast Ep.91: Conversation With My Dad (John Schultz)

Legacy matters. Godly legacy matters more. I had a wonderful opportunity recently to sit down and have a great conversation with my nearly 92 year old father, John Schultz. I mainly wanted to leave something for our family. My mom and dad currently have sixteen grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren. I hope one day they will each listen to this podcast to appreciate the godly legacy both my parents have left their family. You will enjoy the stories he tells all giving clear evidence of our Lord and Savior weaving his purposes through ordinary people.

Since their retirement my parents, John and Jannine Schultz reside in Toccoa, GA. Prior to this they served for 38 years as missionaries in Papua, Indonesia. They have 16 Grandchildren, and 30 Great grandchildren. They love to read, study and spend time with family. Enjoy!

My father has written a commentary on every book of the Bible. Check it out here

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