Podcast Ep.89: GEN Z and Sexuality (Prof. Rich Griffith)

In this third podcast with Prof. Rich Griffith, I talk about Gen Z and sexuality. Gender issues continue to push at the door of the Christian community, institutions and the Church. The Gospel is our defense, but also our banner of hope. Developing a deeper awareness of what is happening to culture around us, encourages us to get our heads out of the sand, and while armed with the gospel we provide guidance and hope to a generation that is steeped in the lostness of culture. Professor Rich Griffiths and I discuss all this and more. Rich serves as professor of Youth Ministry at Toccoa Falls College.  Rich Griffith is the single dad of three (adopted) sons, Aaron (22) and Dylan (19) and Jamie (13). After some time in the U. S. Army, he has spent 29 years in Youth Ministry exclusively while working in a variety of Church and Para-Church settings including Young Life (helping to pioneer Young Life’s ministry to early adolescents called “Wyld Life”), Ministry Architects and Military Community Youth Ministries. He has been a Lead Pastor for the past 4.5 while also still serving in a variety of Youth Ministry capacities. Obviously, he is passionate about youth, families and The Church. He is a published Author and Contributor to “The Teen Devotional Bible” as well as other Youth and Ministry related publications. Aaron, 22; Dylan, 19 and Jamie, 13.

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