Podcast Ep. 88: RESCUING THE TRAFFICKED (Marci Renée)

Today I interview Marci Renée who “accidentally” found herself working at a safe house in Spain. We discuss her work, her book and the tragedy of human trafficking. By listening to this podcast, you will never be the same. Marci Renée is a global nomad, who has traveled to more than 30 countries and has lived extensively in the United States, France, Morocco, and Spain with her French husband and four boys. She loves to travel, speak foreign languages, experience different cultures, eat ethnic foods, meet people from faraway lands, and of course, write and tell stories. She currently lives in Spain and works in government-run safe houses with women and children who are rescued victims of human trafficking. You can find her on her website, “The Cultural Story-Weaver,” at www.culturalstoryweaver.com.

Click on the cover to order this book.

Click on the book to order this book

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