Podcast Ep.86: Adapting to the 2nd-Half of Ministry-Life (Jamey Lewis)

In today’s podcast we are going to look at the challenges and opportunities that happen when someone in ministry enters what many refer to as the second half season of life. Many pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders find themselves in a unique place particularly when they have a couple decades under their belt. Different questions are asked than were being asked at the starting blocks of youthful ambition and dare I say, passionate idealism. What brings about these new questions can be a sense of failure. Family hardships. Children now adults and less dependent on parents. I have the privilege of talking about all this with Jamey Lewis who knows well the multi layered challenges that come in the second season of life and ministry. Jamey and his wife, Cindy served in Indonesia, where he grew up as an MK, for 27 years. They have three children and currently live in Southern California where Jamey serves as a certified life coach.  

More about Jamey in his own words: I was born in Indonesia, the youngest of five children. I grew up in Bali and went to boarding schools in Indonesia and Malaysia. Body surfing in Bali, playing Scrabble with Mom and Dad, eating in food stalls on the beach, enjoying crazy fun adventures with fellow TCKs — my reservoir of memories is filled with stories of laughter, friendships and an active and culturally engaged life. But I struggled too, wanting to know where I belonged and where “home” was. Later, after college and graduate school, I returned to Indonesia with a family of my own to pursue my calling to love God and love others in the place that I knew best: Indonesia. In time, I learned more and more to find belonging by learning to receive love, goodness and joy.Especially if you are an adult TCK or a professional crossing cultures — in a life transition, seeking clarity in an uncertain world, or wanting a more impactful life — I invite you to contact me! Check out couragelifecoaching.com and set up a conversation. Let’s talk! I am a certified ACC coach with the International Coaching Federation. I coach adult TCKs and professionals who have crossed cultures. And I am a lifelong learner. I have an M.A. and a doctorate in Intercultural Studies. I’ve learned two other languages and helped to lead others from over 15 different passport countries. I’ve been certified with the Cultural Intelligence Center to help others assess and improve their intercultural intelligence. I’ve also been trained to design and lead participatory learning events. Now I live in Southern California and am rooted in supportive and caring relationships with family and friends. My wife is a mentor of women who cross cultures and is certified to give grief support. We’ve been married for 37 years and have 3 adult children in California and the Netherlands.

Check out the Second Half Collaborate here

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