Podcast Ep. 80: Living With Terminal Illness -Scott Borderud

 It’s not often I have had the opportunity to talk so openly with someone suffering a terminal illness. I think we would all agree that the church and even our culture is ill prepared to have hard and honest conversations about death and dying. In this podcast my goal is to help the church, help you, the believer who loves Jesus and loves the church, to grow in your ministry capacity to help those grieving loss, and even help you if you are facing terminal illness. I am so thankful to pastor Scott Borderud for his willingness to have this kind of conversation with me. You will find it to be an honest, sometimes somber conversation but one I found deeply encouraging. Scott served as a military chaplain and pastor for over 30 years. Scott is married to Carol. They have three children. Joshua, Christy and  Katherine and are blessed with five grand children. 

8 thoughts on “Podcast Ep. 80: Living With Terminal Illness -Scott Borderud”

  1. Thanks for this, Mitch. Rae and I have also recently “reached out” to Dr. Scott and Carol. Prayers ascending for them.

    1. I am sure that encouraged him, Jack. Thank you and thank you for your wonderful service to Jesus.

  2. Thank you, Scott, for the encouragement to “finish well.” We will all, one day, reach the end of our lives on earth (Ec 12:7). Our hope is in Christ, and our witness is our demonstrated faith in His promises and our resolve to finish well. Well done, my friend.
    Don Strand

  3. Thanks for featuring this interview on such an important topic with a courageous saint going through the process of facing death via a terminal diagnosis.
    I agree with his insight that teaching about death is a necessary part of growing in our faith and living well in Christ so that we may die well in/with Him.
    Lots to think on and consider.

  4. Glad to hear this message and pray all is well. I served and was his Chaplain assistant years back in Fort Lewis. Glad to serve with him and learned a lot and encouraged to work with my father in the ministry

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