Podcast Ep. 79: GEN Z and the Gospel (Dr. Rich Griffith)

I have to admit, as I get older I stand back curious and some times burdened as I watch the up and coming generation navigate perhaps some of the same challenges we grew up with, but perhaps with different world views. I have also observed with keen interest, and equal concern how progressive Christianity is shaping the world view of many in what we refer to as Gen Z. Things are not as black and white as they perhaps were for us. Moral issues are viewed and approached with more nuances than it might have been for us. Things like abortion, same sex attraction and social justice and even the gospel message are more complicated conversations with less clear conviction. All this will certainly shape our future and the future of the church.

I had the privilege for a second time to sit down with Professor Rich Griffith to specifically discuss all this with him. Rich serves as professor of Youth Ministry at Toccoa Falls College.  Rich Griffith is the single dad of two (adopted) sons, Aaron (19) and Dylan (16). After some time in the U. S. Army, he has spent 29 years in Youth Ministry exclusively while working in a variety of Church and Para-Church settings including Young Life (helping to pioneer Young Life’s ministry to early adolescents called “Wyld Life”), Ministry Architects and Military Community Youth Ministries. He has been a Lead Pastor for the past 4.5 while also still serving in a variety of Youth Ministry capacities. Obviously, he is passionate about youth, families and The Church. He is a published Author and Contributor to “The Teen Devotional Bible” as well as other Youth and Ministry related publications. 



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