Podcast Ep: 78 The Pastor and His Money (Russ Crosson)

For some time I have been wanting to talk about the pastor and his money. One of the stresses in ministry is the pastor’s need for security which can add to the tensions in his life. A low paying ministry. Debt. Moves. Unexpected change. THis is an important topic because it is also a kingdom topic. How we handle money, our attitude toward money, how we even handle some of the trials that come with money says something about our commitment to the gospel which by now you know is a heart and center subject to me. I am pleased this morning to have an expert talk to us about this but he is also a man who loves the Lord Jesus deeply. His name is Russ Crosson. Russ Crosson is Executive Vice President and Chief Mission Officer of Ronald Blue Trust. Russ serves as chief advocate for the heart and soul of the organization and works to ensure the mission of the company is carried out with integrity in every area of the organization with a focus on making sure the company’s mission is passed down and inculcated into future generations. Prior to his current position, Russ served as President & CEO of Ronald Blue & Co. from 2002 to 2017. He was hired by Ron Blue in 1980 as the second employee of Ronald Blue & Co. He has worked extensively in all areas of financial planning – specializing in comprehensive financial, estate and philanthropic planning, as well as generational family wealth management and transfer. Russ is the author of several books including Your Life…Well Spent, The Truth About Money Lies, What Makes a Leader Great, and Your Money Made Simple. He has also been a featured speaker in many venues including Promise Keepers, Issachar Summit, and America’s Best Hope.

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