Podcast Ep.75: When Christian Leaders Fail Us (Nick Stumbo)

Like many of you I have been reeling from the stories that have come out in the last years of great Christian leaders, mostly men, who have fallen hard. How do we respond to these events? What is it doing for the church or to the church? Why does this even happen to people we look up to and admire and then find they have a completely double life. Why should this be good for our own faith where it forces us to look inwardly at our own tendencies and sins. How can this also be good for the gospel. Not long ago I ran into a blog online written by pastor Nick Stumbo entitled Ravi Zacharias and Sexual Misconduct Among Christian Leaders. I decided to reach out to pastor Stumbo to discuss this particular case but also more generally the question of what we can learn from it. As a third-generation pastor, Nick Stumbo started his ministry career at the East Hills Alliance Church in Kelso, Washington. Serving as their lead pastor for more than a decade, Nick observed the fallout of sexual brokenness and devastation in the lives of men and women in the church and recognized, like never before, the need for a culture of grace in the Church.Confronted with his own addiction to pornography, Nick and his wife, Michelle, found hope and healing through the counseling and group ministries of Pure Desire. It radically changed their lives! His public disclosure to his church body lead to a revival of forgiveness and healing, launching Pure Desire groups—of hope and freedom—for men and women. Following his healing, Nick stayed connected to Pure Desire through group leadership and has authored two books, Setting Us Free and Safe. Today, as the Executive Director for Pure Desire, Nick continues to believe that the Church can become a place of healing and that Pure Desire is leading the way. His passion for the Church and this ministry is evident.

4 thoughts on “Podcast Ep.75: When Christian Leaders Fail Us (Nick Stumbo)”

  1. Wonderful conversation. I have been puzzled and discouraged after reading about Ravi’s double life and this conversation was personally helpful to me as I am processing the take aways from the sad news of Ravi’s hidden behaviors.

  2. I am grateful that you both addressed this matter. It is so timely. Many of us feel cheated and disillusioned, and sobered, and shaken. I personally watched the entire funeral of R.Z. and was sooo blessed with his [apparent] track record and witness, and so for all this to come out afterwards really hurts. Let him who thinks he stands, take heed, lest he fall. So thanks for addressing this. I just finished listening to this and commend you both for a relevant timely dialogue. Would have liked to hear more on the spiritual dynamics of sanctification as both crisis and process. At the end of the day, we need a healthier and more robust individual and corporate spirituality. KUDOS to you both. THANKYOU!

    1. Thank you Ernie. I agree that would have been a good thing to cover. I am currently writing a blog on this and will try to add that perspective

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