Podcast Ep.73: The Gospel and Right Anger (Dan Samms and Eric Anderson)

 I want to talk today about the gospel and the right kind of anger. Much of this comes from my own personal reflection on how we are to respond when so much seems so wrong around us.  Is it possible to act in love, to respond in love, motivated and driven by the gospel and still be angry by what we see around us? I hear often that as believers we should respond with understanding, but where is this line drawn when the gospel causes us to hate the evil around us. Does being loving mean we put up with wrong, or is this a time when a hard reaction is necessary? It’s fascinating to look at scripture and realize that we are called to hate evil and to speak strongly to evil doers. I hope this conversation I am going to have with two friends, Pastor Eric and Pastor Dan will awaken in us a biblical response that leaves room for the right kind of anger. 

Eric Anderson, is founding pastor of Lifespring Church, Crosby MN, (www.visitlifespring.com) where he has served for 11 years, previously he served as youth pastors for 7 years in the Evangelical Free Church.  He is husband to Miriam, father to 9 children.  He also is co-organizer of the Common Slaves Fellowship (www.commonslaves.com), a network of Reformed and Reforming churches and pastors in North East Minnesota.  Additionally, he hosts a Zoom meetings podcast called “a Place for Truth”, geared at laymen,  which gathers together experienced Reformed pastors and professors to discuss cultural topics. 

Daniel Samms trains house church leaders as planting pastor for Restoration House Church Network (www.restorationhcn.org) and equips scholars as a theology professor for Liberty University.  He also writes curriculum and teaches for Underground Seminary (www.undergroundseminary.net), a low-cost, subscription-based theological training system for people who want to be grounded doctrinally.  He loves his wife and kids, likes to build guns and cigar box guitars, and does not suffer heretics.  

A Great Source mentioned by Pastor Eric: A Catechism for Boys and Girls, by Errol Hulse

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