Podcast Ep.71: Troubled Church and the Interim (Pastor Steve Kerhoulas)

I recorded this podcast in February, just before COVID. Have a good laugh at my reference to the primaries in Maine. Seems like years ago, doesn’t it? I interview pastor Steve about his involvement with IPM (Intentional Pastoral Interim) and how best to help troubled churches. We don’t just talk about the role of the interim pastor, but also what is going in a church that might require intentional help from the outside. It’s a great conversation, and one that is just as relevant now, maybe more, than when everything seemed more normal.

Rev. Steve Kerhoulas (MA in Pastoral Counseling)
In 1970 the Holy Spirit drew Steve to the cross, and he became a Christian. After finishing college at Western Carolina University he was accepted into a one year program through New York Theological Seminary. That year was a turning point in his life. Upon its completion he began a journey that would lead him to be a group home parent with Youth For Christ, then off to Asbury Theological Seminary, and then to five churches as the senior pastor. He is married to Candi and has four grown children. Steve and Candi live in Sky Valley GA. Steve is also an active member of IMP. Check out their website here.

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