Podcast Ep.70: Seeing Church Matter Again: Post-COVID (Eddie Cole)

I have a question. Maybe two? What is happening to the church during COVID? What will happen to the church? We are hearing a lot about what COVID is doing to the church and to believers. (I A study done by The Barna Group suggests that because of this reason one in five churches will close post COVID (See source here.) Barna also anticipates that one in three Christians will likely stop attending church or already have. (See source here).  It comes as no surprise then that according to Thom Rainer a significant number of pastors plan to quit post COVID. I increasingly see friends not going back to church. Why? One theory is, it’s working for them. They can maintain a level of spiritual vibrancy, They aren’t messing up. It’s working just fine. I hope from my conversation today with Eddie Cole that this podcast doesn’t just explain why things are the way they are in church, but that this would also bring us back to the value of church. To why it matters and why it’s time to make church matter again.

Since 2019, Eddie Cole has served as the executive vice president of national ministries with the Evangelical Free Church of America. Prior to his work with the national office, Eddie spent 24 years in vocational ministry, serving first as a local church pastor and then as district superintendent of the Eastern District. Eddie and his wife, Jessica, love to support pastors and leaders as we pursue our mission to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

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