Podcast Ep.66: A White and a Black Pastor Talk Race and Social Justice

What exactly is being asked of us? Why should I be responsible for the sins of my ancestors? I’m not racist, but why am I made to feel like I am? What do you mean, ‘unless I am anti racist, then I am racist? It feels you’re asking for penance, not repentance? Can there really be justice in a world full of rebellion and hatred toward God? How does the gospel speak to race and social justice?

I am sitting down today with my friend Dr and Pastor Reginald Screen to discuss these questions and more. You will find today’s podcast to be both honest and at times raw. I shared with Reggie how many of us have a lot of question even at time wondering what is being asked of us from the black community and what will it take from the white evangelical church for there to be a true sense of healing.

Reginald S. Screen is an Air Force Veteran. He has been in ministry for twenty-nine years (main- ly involved in church planting, church redevelopment, discipleship, coaching, and leadership de- velopment). He currently serves as an Assistant District Superintendent focusing on Church Min- istry Development for the South Atlantic District (now Alliance South). Additionally, Reginald served as the Regional Church Planting Coordinator for the Southeastern Region (11 States and Puerto Rico) for the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Reginald is also the founder and director of a nonprofit called 3L Cultural Intelligence Group, LLC. He holds degrees in Accounting, Bibli- cal Studies, Organizational Development (with an emphasis on coaching and leadership devel- opment), Christian Leadership, and Apologetics and Theology. Reginald resides in metro Atlanta. 

Check out 3L Cultural Intelligence here

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