Podcast Ep.63: The State of the Gospel in America (Brandon Kimber)

During this Covid 19 season (I’m sure it will have a better name down the road) I have been thinking a lot about what this will do to or for the church. Will we be stronger for it? Is this one of those events that God will use to sift the church, from those who are lukewarm to those who are deeply committed? During this time many give testimony of opportunities to reach people they would have never reached before. Online messages have a reach unlike anything else we have seen. That is wonderful, especially if the gospel is being proclaimed. I have reflected a lot during this Covid 19 season about the state of gospel in America. Is the gospel taking root during this time and what will our committed to it be once things get back to some semblance of normal? Well I had the privilege of talking about this with Brandon Kimber who is a writer, producer and film maker. Brandon is perhaps best known for producing the American Gospel series that has really taken the church by storm in the last couple years. I would really encourage you to access these films and show them to friends and family, and to your church leadership. There is no greater time than today for us to truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brandon Kimber is a Christian, husband, father, and filmmaker from Cleveland, Ohio. Director of American Gospel: Christ Alone, and American Gospel: Christ Crucified. 

Check out the American Gospel Documentary films here

To view a free one hour version of the American Gospel: Christ Alone click here

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