Podcast Ep.53: Grace and Grit. (The story of Elaine, my wife.)

It’s been some time now that I have wanted to tell our story, in particular my wife, Elaine’s story. Twenty years ago our family faced a trial that I know was survivable only because of the help of our Lord Jesus. As we were wrapping up a season of ministry in England, Elaine fell into an unexplainable coma. It turned out she was the victim of an undetected brain tumor.Following surgery, and once she was physically recovered, Elaine faced the harder pain of recovering her speech along with other cognitive abilities. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to begin this process and two weeks later face the hard news that her precious oldest son, Travis, was also diagnosed with brain cancer. Her season of personal recovery had to now make room for the pain of losing her first born child.

This podcast is her story, not mine. Last summer Elaine had the opportunity to tell her story to a group of women in Wisconsin. It’s a raw, powerful story mixed with grace and sheer grit. What a remarkable woman!

I hope you will be encouraged by this. If you are particularly encouraged by this and want to send a message to Elaine, please email us at mitch@beforeyouquit.us

At the beginning of the podcast, I read an except from our book SURVIVING THE FIRES OF SORROW. You can order the book by clicking on the imagine below.



2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep.53: Grace and Grit. (The story of Elaine, my wife.)”

  1. Hello, Mitch and Elaine!
    Elaine, it was so good to hear your voice, your heart and your story once again.
    Grace and Grit….what an apt title. As I listened, I found myself wandering down memory lane with you in the part of your story I got to witness. Our Jesus is faithful, and your testimony gives great witness to His steadfast love and mercy. Your response and heart proclaiming His Lordship over it all strengthens the hearts of us all as we consider what lays ahead for us.
    Your desire to keep saying “yes” to all He calls you to is a great encouragement and comfort to any who hear your story.
    Love you all so much and so very thankful our lives have crossed here on earth….and forever in eternity with our King!

    1. Thank you Jan. This is so encouraging. You and so many others were significantly more part of our healing than you would ever know.

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