Podcast Ep.52: Speaking for the Unborn – A hard conversation about abortion. (Jenny Golding and Beckie Langtson)

I have always been moved by the story of William Wilberforce the parliamentary figure who fought his whole career as a politician and Christian to see the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in the early 1880s. Amazingly, just three days after hearing that he passage of the act had been assured, he died; his singular longing and prayer answered. He was a man who longed to see one thing before his death, the end of slavery.I have a similar prayer about abortion. Nearly everyday I pray that in my lifetime I would see the end of abortion. I know so many are fighting for this and especially those on the ground who offer young women and men an alternative, but also offer the love of Jesus. I had the privilege recently to sit down with two women who are fighting not just against abortion, but more importantly fighting for life. Their names are Jenny Golding and Becky Langston and both work at the Smokey Mountain Pregnancy Center in Franklin  and Cullowhee, NC right on the edge of Western Carolina University.

Hi, I am Jenny Golding. I have been the Executive Director of the Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center for the past 8 1/2 years. SMPCC has always been near and dear to my heart and I started as a volunteer in 2007.

I would have appreciated a center like SMPCC when I was a young pregnant 19 year old. I was cohabiting with the father of baby and we married when I was 4 mos. pregnant. I recall my future father-in-law coming into the home we shared encouraging me to abort the baby I was carrying: his first grandchild. He told us that if abortion had been legal that they would have aborted their last child. The son I was told to abort is 34 yrs old and work in the juvenile court system. He yearns to make a difference in the lives of children who are on the wrong road.

I have a blessed marriage with three beautiful adult children and one precious grandchild who will soon be two. I love living here in the mountains and believe in this ministry as I see the good we do in the clients lives and the lives of their precious babies. 

My name is Beckie Langston. I am a follower of Christ, the wife of a precious Christian man and pastor, Aaron Langson, and mother to Chloe who is 19, and Tyler who is 20. I try to prioritize life in that order. God opened the door for me here at Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center a little over 1year and a half ago. I am honored and truly enjoy serving as their Community Outreach Director. I’ve been involved in ministry all my life. My father has been a pastor since I was 3 years old and he and my mother’s ministry continues to play a huge role in the woman I am today. My husband and I have served in bi-vocational ministry since 2014. He and I are currently in the beginning stages of planting a church that is on track to launch in March, 2020! #ThePeaksChurch

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