Podcast Ep.50: You Can Counsel Too! (Dr. Harold Rhoades)

 For years as a pastor and even since, I have loved counseling because I love to see people change. I love fighting for marriages. I do everything I can to keep couples from divorcing. I rejoice when couples who’ve been fighting and angry at each other now embracing with a new love. I absolutely love it when I witness someone struggling with depression or addiction find the courage to fight through their struggles While I do have training in counseling, I am also convinced that the church can do more to help its own than what we often see.

The easy thing is to defer to the professional and while that is often needed, the best healing happens in community. In this podcast you’re going to hear two counselors talking about the importance of pastors and those committed to the church strengthen their counseling muscles. We really believe you can counsel too. It was so fun sitting down with Dr. Harold Rhodes to talk about all this. Dr. Rhodes serves as a counseling phschologist in Martin GA. He has his PhD in Counseling Pschology from Ball State and his MA in Biblical Counseling from Regent Universty. He is a also a man who loves pastors and loves the church

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