Podcast Ep 5: Serving At The Top of Your Game by Not Going it Alone

All of us, whether in ministry or not, will find ourselves at times running out of steam. Fatigue, discouragement, lack of fruit and criticism can take any faithful servant and turn him into an ineffective slave to self-doubt and even quiet rebellion. We all need at times that preverbal kick in the pants to be reminded of who we are and who has called us to live the gospel of Jesus in a world that so desperately needs hope. Through a form of discipleship called Coaching, Dr. Reginald (Reggie) Screen loves seeing pastors fall out of their malaise and rush back in the field with vigor and passion. In this podcast we address how the gospel doesn’t just form us, but drive us to keep serving no matter how difficult it gets. Again, we want to bring courage and persecutive when serving gets hard. 

Reginald Screen shares his burden with the following statement:

My take is the culture has changed and pastors don’t know it. Most pastors are not missional. Don’t understand emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and don’t understand their own “personal gospel. Mainly, my big issue is most pastors don’t understand what Jesus is measuring: disciples. There’s not a consensus of a definition of disciple, and the way that Jesus made a disciple has been for the most part lost. So, I train towards these realities and Coach towards theirs realities. It really is a big deal! 

2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep 5: Serving At The Top of Your Game by Not Going it Alone”

  1. You’ve got 3 listeners 🙂 Great work here. As a pastor who has ridden the wave of emotional ups and downs through church revitalization and growth for past 5 years, great truths here and in previous posts. My coach helped me through many challenges and I highly recommend any/every pastor to be in a coaching relationship…it’s time and money well spent. Your blogs are an encouragement. Thanks for your ministry!

    1. Hi Allen, great seeing you the other day and the brief interchange. Love to stay connected so private message me anytime. Love for you to share these podcasts and blogs with others. Thanks bro and thanks for your kind words.

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