Podcast Ep.49: The Gospel and GEN Z (Dan Boal, Director of Youth – The C&MA)

It strikes me sometimes, that the generation that we now call, Gen Z will be making decisions for people in my generation in the future. Having a granddaughter who is in the next generation makes me extremely motivated to understand all the generations that follow me. The church has a tremendous privilege and responsibility to follow this generation Z and understand their grasp of the gospel, of us and of the world we live in. It was a privilege for me to talk to Dan Boal who has given his life to youth ministry. Dan is the director of youth for the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Dan seeks to remain personally connected to Jesus and to purposefully mobilize people to fulfill Acts 1:8. He thrives when helping leaders reach the next generation with the gospel. He believes that good youth workers are GREAT missiologist. They know the culture and understand how Jesus can transform it through them to His desire. 

Check out the article on the GEN Z by Josh McDowell Ministries here

2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep.49: The Gospel and GEN Z (Dan Boal, Director of Youth – The C&MA)”

  1. Very enlightening podcast on the possible future of “the church” in America! I will definately be praying for the Gen Z – that they will not lose the theology while focusing on the practical implications of God’s word ; and that we all would seek God’s truth each day.

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