Podcast Ep 36: The Elders; Guardians to the Pastor

One of my passions with the Before You Quit podcast is to reach not just pastors and ministry leaders, but also to relate to elders who serve these churches and pastors. One of my greatest joys with this ministry is when I see elders coming around their pastor, serving him, making him accountable to them, them to him,  and watching his back when he’s either criticized or even under attack. In a true sense, the elders are the Guardians to the past or. BTW a little plug here for my novel series. I wrote two books. The Whisper and The Guardians. The Guardians plays out in story form this rather unusual phenomenon of elders coming around their pastor in a protective, we’ve-got-your-back sort of manner. Recently I sat down with three of the elders of the church where I attend to talk about their role in relationship to the pastor. I loved the honest conversation we had as we laughed, talked about some of the serious issues pastors face, and how they as elders have a tremendous responsibility in supporting one of their own on the front lines of ministry. 

Check out my novel, THE GUARDIANS below. The WHISPER is in process of a revamp and will be out in a month. 

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