Podcast Ep. 35: Serve At Your Own Risk (A Pastor Discusses His Work in a Closed Muslim Country)

We’re going to talk today about what it is like to be serving in a closed country. When we say closed country, we mean a culture where sharing the gospel freely is not possible without likely recriminations. I will not be using the person’s real name that I am interviewing, but I will refer to him a few times as Peter.And for his protection we will not refer to the country where he serves. However I can tell you that God is moving.

The gospel, as it always has, penetrate through these walls of hostility and people are coming to faith in Jesus, for many at great risk. Peter and his wife are pastoring an international church, attended by some expats but also local people. By doing this Peter and his wife are able to legally work in this country, but their real purpose is to reach muslims with the saving message of Jesus. You will be moved by Peter’s story, and I hope also that this will remind you to pray for the persecuted church, and that you will not take for granted the freedom we have to worship our Lord Jesus in our society.

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