Podcast Ep 29: A Recipient of Grace in a Time of Failure (Jay Depoy)

We hear often of pastors who experience some kind of failure. They are statistics, far off stories, but rarely someone we know, or hear personally about. I’m talking to someone today who knows too well the depth of shame and loss that comes when the heart is not guarded from the all too common temptations that pastors face. His name is Jay Depoy and his story is riveting, but its a story that speaks more loudly of the grace and mercy of Jesus than of any scandal you will hear about from him. 

Jay shares a heart wrenching story of what led to his downfall in ministry, what it was like to survive, what it meant to his family, but how God never gave up on him. “Jay is the founding pastor of Lakeshore Church (Muskegon, MI) and Exodus Church (Asheville, NC). He has become the recipient of scandalous grace after repeated episodes of self-destruction. Originally from Muskegon,  Jay has returned full circle to West Michigan, where he currently works with homeless addicts in the Heartside District of Grand Rapids. Jay is the proud daddy of Mariah Grace, Ambria Faith, and Ashlyn Hope. In September of 2016, Jay married his truest friend, Teresa Joy. Together, they are leaning into the adventure of God’s Rescue Mission.”

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