Podcast Ep.27: Pastoring in a Post Christian Culture (Andy Jordan, Warrington UK)

A little over 18 years ago my wife Elaine and I and our family returned to the States practically ruined. My wife was just beginning her recovery from brain surgery, and two weeks after o

ur return our oldest son was diagnosed with, and ended up dying from brain cancer. We left England after having pastored a church in a north west town called Warrington. We absolutely loved our time there. We loved the culture. Loved the people and especially loved seeing God move in the hearts and lives of many who were being drawn to Jesus especially in a community and a society where there was not a strong Christlike presense. In all my years of ministry, I still look back over those years as my golden years. Because of our medical situation we were not able to go back. In the meantime, the church we’d pastored continue to navigate the normal challenges of new leadership, declining attendance, and redirecting their vision in a society not all that interested in spiritual things.

I had the privilege to reconnect with this church probably fifteen years later and it has been absolutely amazing to see God work through this small faithful community. In the past several years this now elder-led church decided to bring one of these men into full time ministry leadership. His name is Andy Jordan, and he is my guest on this podcast. Andy talks about what its like to lead a church in post christian Europe.

Andy was born in Jamaica in the year when England won the world cup (work it out!) His parents became Christians soon after returning to the UK and his dad soon went into the ministry- so Andy was what the Britts call a ‘Vicar’s kid’, the eldest of 5, which made life growing up in some of the toughest parts of London and Liverpool quite interesting!

Andy accepted the Lord as a child, meeting his wife Helen at Chester university. They have 2 grown up children. He’s been an elder at Birchwood Community Church in Warrington for around 8 years and 2 years ago, having spent most of his career in teaching, God gave him the amazing opportunity to serve Him full-time in Birchwood, as Mission Director.

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