Podcast Ep.20: It’s Never Too Late to be a Pastor; The Second Career Pastor (Rev. Dick Brown)

 “Why the trend towards ministry as a second career? Is this a positive trend? Is it a trend about which the church should be worried? Why are fewer younger women and men not pursuing ordained ministry upon graduation from college as was the case in the past? Do second career clergy bring greater maturity and experience to pastoral leadership than those who did not work for any significant length of time in another career? These are important questions.” (Jackson W. Carroll).

Is it possible that young men are not going into ministry because they see and hear how hard it is? Enter seasoned-mature-second-career pastors. According to one statistic, 56% of all pastors serving today are second career pastors. These pastors come with years of experience both in the church as elders, and from serving in the secular work force. No wonder they are resilient when faced with the common hardships of pastoring. 

In this podcast, I have an honest and encouraging conversation with now retired pastor, Dick Brown, about his move from law enforcement into ministry. He promises that the only time he carried a gun while preaching was for a sermon illustration. 

Dick Brown is a former police officer with the city of Tallahassee (13 years) and a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (12 years). He has masters degrees and both Counseling and apologetics. He is now retired and lives in Franklin North Carolina with his wife Diane. 

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