Podcast Ep. 15: Lessons From Ministry Longevity

With Dr. Bill Ronzheimer

What does it take to remain passionate and committed to the gospel that will take you the long haul in ministry? I read one stat how 80% of pastors will leave the ministry within their first five years. Some, I’m sure, leave for good reasons and are still serving Jesus faithfully. Others, however, no doubt faced disappointment of not having what it took to stick it out for the long haul. We are not interested necessarily in people having to stay in vocational ministry, but rather committed to serve Jesus wherever they are. Today’s podcast I know will encourage you to serve well, no matter where you are and what you are doing, or even how long you’ve been doing it.

Today I am going to talk to a pastor who served in one church for 39 years. You heard right. Our worlds could not be different, but our conversation I believe will help young pastors especially understand what needs to be in place, not necessarily to have a long ministry in one location, but rather to serve in a life long gospel driven and focused ministry no matter how many times they’ve moved or number of places they’ve served. ¬†

Dr. Bill Ronzheimer was the founding pastor of Alliance Bible Church (ABC) in Mequon, WI and served as its Lead Pastor for over 39 years. The longevity of their ministry enabled Bill and his wife, Pamela, to experience the triumphs and trials that occur in family and church life over a period of decades. During their ministry, ABC planted two churches and completed four building programs.

While serving in Mequon, Bill and Pamela also served the Christian & Missionary Alliance as their Pastoral Care Team to its overseas workers in France and North Africa. They served in that appointed capacity for 12 years.

Bill is now President of Marriage Reconstruction Ministries, Inc. whose mission is to help men and women rebuild marriages affected by childhood sexual abuse. Bill & Pamela minister together in bringing a message of hope and healing to other individuals and couples.  More can be learned at www.marriagereconstructionministries.org.

Bill and Pamela now live in Minnesota, in close proximity to their two daughters, sons-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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