Podcast Ep.14: The Pastor’s Wife (with Shari Thomas)

Today we are going to talk about the pastor’s wife and it struck me as I was preparing for this that I have been married to a pastor’s wife for over 30 years. And while she’s been amazing, I know there were times where it was difficult. There is no defined role, but there are certainly definite expectations placed on the pastor’s wife. So much is on the pastor’s wife and she’s never been trained for it. The pastor gets the training, but the wife is expected to be everything for everyone else. She shares her husband with the entire church, and fights to know her place. She’s expected to serve the church, be a model wife and model mom, and in the meantime she’s asking the Lord Jesus “who am I, and what do you want from me?”

I have the privilege today to talk to an expert on the subject. Shari Thomas is not just a pastor’s wife, but she has a heart for pastor’s wives, especially those in church planting and she’s doing something about it. You will find from our interview today how the gospel defines who the pastor’s wife is and it goes far beyond her role in the church. This podcast I know will not just encourage the pastors wife but will be a great help to both the pastor and the congregation in understanding who this woman married to your pastor truly is, and how best to love and support her as she serves not just her husband and her church, but most importantly her Lord Jesus.

Here’s a little background about our guest today. Among the many plans Shari had for her life, being a catalyst for change in church planting was not one of them! Yet, after doing almost everything wrong in the church planting spousal relationship, Shari researched and then started what is becoming a global ministry of support, healing and change. With an educational background in theology, education and international church planting, Shari co-founded Parakaleo in 2005. When they aren’t traveling and developing training in other cultures, she and her husband, John, enjoy living in New York City. Apart from Shari’s peculiar desire to be outdoors during storms, they share a love of sailing, ideas, cooking and eating multicultural foods, and making merry with their three adult children.

Check out Shari’s website Parakaleo here! 

Check out Shari’s book, Beyond Duct Tape: Holding the Heart Together in a Life of Ministry here! 


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