Podcast Ep.13: When Ministry Gets in the Way of Marriage

What do you do when you’re great at pastoring but not that good at marriage. I ask the question often, can a pastor and his wife have a good ministry when the marriages is hanging by a thread?  I enter into a very delicate conversation with a young pastor and his wife who from the day they met, ministry was all they had in common. This almost caught up with them, but God intervened in only the way he can.

Often couples meet in the context of ministry, or in ministry preparation, and this unknowingly defines their marriage. If the couple is not careful  that common denominator can get in the way of a productive relationship. Something other than ministry needs to hold the marriage together. Pastor Jake and Jennifer Edwards are with me today to talk about how their marriage survived when ministry finally took a back seat to their relationship, but it did not come easily and neither did it come without some cost. Pastor Jake and his wife Jennifer have been married for 11 years and have been in ministry together for 11 years. Hmm. There might be a story there. They are also proud parents of Sunday who is 9 years old. Pastor Jake is currently the pastor of Crossroads Church in Aiken SC.

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