Podcast Ep.126: The 20+ Year Pastor (Mike Franklin)

Someone suggested to me recently that I interview pastors who have served in one church for twenty or more years. Great idea, I chimed. It’s actually a great subject. Most pastors don’t last five years in a church, some might stretch it to seven, or ten, but twenty? That just doesn’t happen often. There must be some reasons for longevity in ministry. Like a good investigator, I put on my Columbo hat and began knocking on doors, asking some probing questions. There are seven pastors I will be interviewing in these podcasts, from different regions and various denominations. I ask them all the same question and know the answers will vary dramatically.

  • The first Pastor I interview is Pastor Mike Franklin. Here’s some really cool information about him;

    Pastor Mike earned a B.S. from Lee University, M.Ed. from the University of South Alabama, M. Div. from the Church of God School of Theology, and DMin from the Pentecostal School of Theology. After more than 40 years of pastoral ministry, he is serving in his 23rd year as Senior Pastor of The Torch in Demorest, Georgia which serves through two campuses.  

    Pastor Mike’s ministry role also includes teaching leadership seminars, mentoring pastors, serving on several boards and committees, and leading short-term mission enterprises, and most recently appointed to the church of God State Leadership Team for Ministerial Enrichment.

    Among his greatest blessings in life are Connie, his wife of 41 years; three children, David, Daniel and Renée; two daughters-in-law, Abbie and Chelsea; one son-in-law, Madison; and seven grandchildren, Bailey, Asher, Maddie Rae, Arden, and James, Adeline, and one on the way.

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