Podcast Ep.123: Grace, Race and the Church (Pastor Tom Sugimura)

When you think of race and the church you likely think of the turmoil in our nation in 2020. It woke the church up, and we found ourselves asking if we are doing a good enough job understanding race, and appreciating the stories of those who hold different ethnicities than we do. How does the gospel address race? What does the Bible really say about who we are, in our distinctions, but also in our unity under family, that of Jesus Christ. To unpack all this, I had the privilege of interviewing Pastor Tom Sugimura about his book, Grace, Race and the Church, a wonderful testimony of how the church unites all people under the covering protection of the gospel.

Grace, Race and the Church will introduce the reader to the important conversations in today’s social landscape. We hope these stories open people’s eyes to the racial tensions we all face in a fallen world, but also to a healthier way of starting our experiences with others. (From back cover of book)

Pastor Tom Sugimura serves as a pastor , church planting mentor, and professor biblical counseling. He writes at tomsugi.com and ministers the gospel at New Life Church. He and wife, Amanda, are raising their four children in the wilds of Southern California.

To order Tom’s book, click here

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