I’ve interviewed Ken Sande twice before on his ministry of Peacemaking. Here, in this podcast, Ken shares the most wonderful story of how Jesus proved himself to be the great Peacemaker, when Ken’s own father, a judge, embrace the gospel, (or was embraced by the gospel) moments before he died. Ken and I talk about his life, his home and how all this was used by Jesus to make the gospel irresistible to his father. We also discuss the encouragement this provides for those of us who live with the burden of a lost loved one.

Ken Sande is the founder of Peacemaker Ministries and president of a new ministry, Relational Wisdom 360. Trained as a mechanical engineer and lawyer, Ken is passionate about bringing the life-changing power of the gospel into the lives of Christians and their churches. He has used biblical peacemaking principles to minister to parties in hundreds of conflicts, ranging from simple personal disputes to complex legal conflicts.

He is the author of “The Peacemaker”, which has been translated into 15 languages, and has written numerous books, articles, and training resources on biblical conflict resolution and relational wisdom.   He is a certified Christian conciliator, an editorial advisor for Christianity Today International’s church management team, and a certified emotional intelligence instructor. He and his wife, Corlette, are delighted to be grandparents and love to hike with their family in the mountains near their home in Montana.

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