Podcast Ep.111: The Church and Civil Disobedience (Dan Samms)

COVID revealed a lot about us. The church was tested. Never before have we, the church, been forced to consider its response to mandates and rulings. Churches in some states faced little need to resist, while other states were severely tested. Out of this, many pastors and theologians have needed to establish a better theology on resistance for their allegiance to Jesus. Furthermore, our culture is becoming increasingly counter-church and antagonistic to followers of Jesus. What does the Bible say about how we are to obey the government particularly when it targets our gathering, our evangelism and in some cases insist that we accommodate the worlds’ language on gender-sexuality issues? I didn’t have to look far to find the right guy to talk about this. His name is Pastor Dan Samms. Dan has been a guest on numerous podcasts. Pastor Dan is deeply committed to doctrine who believes if the pastor is going to be passionate about anything, it needs to be about what he believes concerning the truths of God’s Word. Dan’s primary role is equipping the saints to make disciples.  He plants house churches and trains shepherds with Restoration House Church Network.  He also teaches theology for Liberty University and for Underground Seminary.  Dan is in love with his wife, Christy.  They have three kids, a few chickens, and an awesome dog named “Sam.”  Dan drinks good coffee, enjoys fine woodworking, and writes theology curriculum.  Christy is a licensed counselor.  She owns Hope Counseling and Consultation Services, LLC  and is an incredible mother who has a variety of hobbies .  Together, they raise their kids, lead the church, and enjoy God’s blessings and they do all that in Amherst, Oh. 

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