Podcast Ep 12: A Healthy Inadequacy in Ministry

Most pastors will often tell that they are like a small time pilot being asked to fly a huge plane, something way beyond their ability. Most of us in ministry will even feel that all the training in the world will not prepare us enough to do this job.

There is something about pastoring, or any kind of ministry vocation, where you just don’t ever feel adequate enough to do what you are expected to do. Maybe that’s by design, and perhaps God intends it to be this way to keep us humble and always fully dependent on him. In this podcast we talk about how to adjust to the constant changes of ministry, and to do so with a sense of healthy inadequacy; a kind of inadequacy held together by a deep confidence in the Lord Jesus. And I cannot think of anyone more qualified to talk about what its like to feel unqualified, but with confidence in Jesus, than my good friend, Pastor Darryl Handy. Pastor Darryl serves as senior pastor of Mission Community Church in Sylva NC. He is married to Anne, and has two sons, Caleb and Joshua.

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