Podcast Ep.107: Battling The Flesh (Dwight Smith)

Hundreds of church leaders today are ignorant of the power of the flesh in their lives. In our day the false teaching that people are not sinners by nature has returned to the church in force. This has had a profound impact on believers, blinding them to the flesh still resident within them and weakening them in their battle against the ongoing sin nature. Thus many fall short of the victory God intends His people to have. God intends us to have victory over the flesh—but we must first recognize the enemy lurking within us. May God give leaders of His church the wisdom and tenacity to confront what may be the greatest danger to biblical faith in our day: the flesh within us that is at war against us. On this podcast I talk to Dwight Smith about his book on this subject, Freedom from Bondage to the Flesh: Recognizing and Rejecting the Sin That Keeps us from Victory in Christ.


Meet the Author

Dwight P Smith founded Saturation Church Planting International in 1996.  He currently works with a growing number of church leaders around the world to mobilize the church for God’s mission: to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible to every man, woman and child in every nation through believers saturating their areas with a living Gospel witness.  Dwight’s firm conviction is that if the leadership in the church today will submit themselves back to a biblical theology of leadership we will see the whole body of Christ mobilized into His mission. Check out Dwights webpage here.

For more information about Saturation Church International go here.

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