Podcast Ep 10: Acting On Your Confession (Prof. Russell Huizing)

“Confessing sins to each other makes for a healthier more humble church.” – Prof. Russell Huizing

We hear the story too often. A well loved pastor, seemingly well put together, a model of righteousness, is outed as a sinner. He’s committed moral failure, or admitted to a sexual or alcohol addiction. And everyone is shocked. We discover that for years he has kept this secret to himself, and not even those close to him, his wife or elders knew of his pain. Imagine if early on, when the first moments of his struggle began and before they took over his life he had taken the opportunity to share with someone else, and confessed his sin to them and received forgiveness and encouragement.

I have been longing, for a long time, to see pastors and church leaders develop such a closeness with each other that the support and encouragement even extends as far as one’s struggle with sins. where it is not enough to just confess your sins to Jesus but it is also vital to act out that confession in close spiritually intimate relationship. Can you imagine the tragedies that would be averted if this was the rhythm in ministry? What happens when you take that bold step to also confess your sin to someone else? I sat down with Professor Russell Huizing of Toccoa Fall College to hear out his burden to see the church, and the pastor, discover the joy and freedom that comes from confessing outwardly to others, as well as up to God. What does it mean to act out your confession? You will listen in on an honest conversation about why pastors and church leaders are often reluctant to share their struggles with others and the consequences can ultimately be disastrous. We hear about it too often. 

Professor Huizing is the Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries in the Ministry and Leadership Department at Toccoa Falls College where he’s been teaching for five years. He is also an adjunct instructor with Regent University in the School of Business and Leadership’s doctoral programs as well as with undergraduate studies in the Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry. He and his wife Margaret have been married for over 20 years and have been blessed with four boys: Noah, Joshua, Nathan, and Andrew. I cannot wait for you to listen in on the conversation we had about the importance of healing that comes through confession.

Check out the Alliance Life Article by Professor Huizing here: 

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