Podcast Ep.113: Church Discipline (Pastor Hobie Wood)

Is Church discipline an archaic, now irrelevant practice? I would sense most pastors would say no. It still matters today. In this podcast, with Pastor Hobie Wood, we talk about why church discipline matters, what the Bible says about it, when it should be carried out and why it’s so hard. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.112: The Pastor and His Preaching

Al Mohler’s book, He is Not Silent, speaks of how Contemporary preaching suffers from:

– a loss of confidence in the power of the word 

– an infatuation with technology 

– embarrassment before the biblical text 

– an emptying of biblical content 

– an absence of the gospel 

My cohost, Dan Stegeman and I want to address these concerns by talking about the pastor and his preaching. Our longing is that pastors get back to solid expository preaching, and that preaching becomes central to the worship experience.

Check out Dan’s blogs on the Gospel Coalition’s website here.

Podcast Ep.111: The Church and Civil Disobedience (Dan Samms)

COVID revealed a lot about us. The church was tested. Never before have we, the church, been forced to consider its response to mandates and rulings. Churches in some states faced little need to resist, while other states were severely tested. Out of this, many pastors and theologians have needed to establish a better theology on resistance for their allegiance to Jesus. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.110: Did I Say The Right Thing (Responding Well to Grief).

Mitch Schultz knows what it is to wonder what to say to someone mourning the loss of a loved one. He also knows what it’s like to say something to a mourner and afterward want to kick yourself. If you’ve had either experience, he gets you. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.109: Lessons on Leadership (Steve Richardson)

I grew up in Papua, Indonesia and attended a boarding school for most of my early years. My best friend during that time was Steve Richardson. We’ve connected only a few times in fifty years. (Yikes, that makes me sound really old.) READ MORE

Podcast Ep.108: Faith, The Gospel and Creation (Chuck Bultman)

This generation, as have others, is profoundly affected by a secular world view. However more of its impact can also now be felt in the church. How often do we hear of someone we love, a son or daughter, who eventually walks away from their faith, and it all started when someone suggested that Adam might not be a historical figure after all. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.107: Battling The Flesh (Dwight Smith)

Hundreds of church leaders today are ignorant of the power of the flesh in their lives. In our day the false teaching that people are not sinners by nature has returned to the church in force. This has had a profound impact on believers, blinding them to the flesh still resident within them and weakening them in their battle against the ongoing sin nature. READ MORE

Podcast EP 106: My Story (Mitch A Schultz)

My good friend, Pastor Dan Stegeman had a good idea. “Mitch, I should interview you for my podcast.” I replied, “Great idea.” So we did it and here it is. It was rather emotional to tell my story, but Dan did such a great job with the questions and reflections that by the end we were both thankful not just for this opportunity but for this amazing Savior who has given me the honor to serve him these 61 years.

Podcast Ep.105: Grandparents on Mission (John and Leeba Curlin)

If you are parents, I am sure you value the role your parents have in helping raise godly children. If you are grandparents, you know the awesome privilege and responsibility you have with your grandchildren. READ MORE