Podcast Ep 1: The Fifth Hardest Job in the World – Pastoring

In this inaugural podcast, I discuss how every believer is called to live for the Great Commission and the Gospel, but with the understanding that God places certain people to lead this charge. We call them pastors, elders, church leaders and many other titles.

We also understand that ministry leaders face some of the greatest challenges of any vocation.  In this introduction, we lay out the importance of courage and perspective to effective ministry. I love helping people in ministry get perspective, and with that the courage to even keep serving when it’s hard. The Bible is quite clear that serving Jesus will not be easy. I cannot change what pastors go through, but I can sure help them consider a number of things to help them grasp on to the gospel and keep serving because in the end, it’s sure worth it.

I’ve included several resources with this episode. First, the book Before You Quit by Blaine Alan which I refer to in this episode can be ordered here.

I’m also making available here a two part novel series I wrote about the struggles and challenges of ministry. You can order The Whisper here, and its sequel, The Guardian here.


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