Podcast Ep.121: The Pastor and PTSD (Sean Nemecek)

Pastoring is one of the hardest jobs around. Just ask any of us. The expectations and pressures can at times become nearly unbearable. Having said that, putting the two words, PASTORING and PTSD (okay, that’s an abbreviation, not a word, but I regress) is a surprising combination of realities. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.120: The Alliance; Changing From the Inside (Pastor Jeremy Muncy)

BYQ has tackled the subject of the Alliance decision to ordain women on several podcasts. While a number of Alliance churches have left over the decision, some desire to remain and by remaining, seek to influence change. In this BYQ podcast, Pastor Jeremy Muncy and I discuss the formation of 1:9 Alliance and its purpose. READ MORE

Podcast Ep. 119: What is Fruitful Vine Ministry (Mitch and Dan)

My cohost Dan Stegeman and I sit down together to discuss the history, the purpose and the impact of the first ten years of Fruitful Vine Ministry. Did you know the name comes from Genesis 49:22-24( NIV)? Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall. With bitterness archers attacked him; they shot at him with hostility. But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel. READ MORE


I’ve interviewed Ken Sande twice before on his ministry of Peacemaking. Here, in this podcast, Ken shares the most wonderful story of how Jesus proved himself to be the great Peacemaker, when Ken’s own father, a judge, embrace the gospel, (or was embraced by the gospel) moments before he died. Ken and I talk about his life, his home and how all this was used by Jesus to make the gospel irresistible to his father. We also discuss the encouragement this provides for those of us who live with the burden of a lost loved one. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.117: The Voices of This Generation (Dr. Rich Griffith)

“Youth and children’s ministries have become professionalized to the point where parents feel ill-equipped to disciple their children. Our culture has become so fast-paced and loud that children and youth are finding it difficult to find their own voice.  My book, VOICES, helps parents and those working with children and youth take a look at the various voices speaking into and forming the developing worldview of our youth. Dr. Griffith encourages us to look at these various through the lenses of TIME, TRANSPARENCY and TRUST.” – (Dr. Rich Griffith)


Podcast Ep.116: Your Role in the Pastor’s Preaching (Mitch and Dan)

We’ve covered a number of podcasts about how important it is for the pastor to preach well. Several podcasts back my cohost, Dan Stegeman and I, talked about how important solid, biblical Christ-centered preaching is to the life of the church. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.115: The Alliance Ordains Women – (A conversation with Pastor Paul Taylor)

This past summer, the Christian and Missionary Alliance council voted for the ordination of women to the pastorate. While the Alliance has held to a Complementarian stance throughout its history, this move allowed churches the freedom to ordain women and the freedom for other churches not to ordain women. In summary, the decision is up the local church. Women will not be permitted to serve as elders, nor as lead or solo pastors. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.113: Church Discipline (Pastor Hobie Wood)

Is Church discipline an archaic, now irrelevant practice? I would sense most pastors would say no. It still matters today. In this podcast, with Pastor Hobie Wood, we talk about why church discipline matters, what the Bible says about it, when it should be carried out and why it’s so hard. READ MORE

Podcast Ep.112: The Pastor and His Preaching

Al Mohler’s book, He is Not Silent, speaks of how Contemporary preaching suffers from:

– a loss of confidence in the power of the word 

– an infatuation with technology 

– embarrassment before the biblical text 

– an emptying of biblical content 

– an absence of the gospel 

My cohost, Dan Stegeman and I want to address these concerns by talking about the pastor and his preaching. Our longing is that pastors get back to solid expository preaching, and that preaching becomes central to the worship experience.

Check out Dan’s blogs on the Gospel Coalition’s website here.