Podcast Ep 2: Can Your Ministry Be Healthy When Your Marriage is Not? (part 1/3)

The impulse is to say, no way! Your ministry can only be as strong as the pastor, or as strong as his family. Yet, over and over we see pastors struggle at home while leading seemingly healthy ministries.

Phil and Cheryl Hagar peel away the layers to reveal how at the core, the pastor will not get away by ignoring his family for a good ministry.

It will catch up with him as it did for Phil. Yet, God intervened and used the tragedy of a son’s diagnosis of cancer to bring about a revival in both in the home and in ministry.

Phil is now District Superintendent in the Southern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance with a commitment to not just lead, but shepherd those pastors and wives under his care.

The following are recommended places for pastors and ministry leaders to receive help when the marriage and family is in crisis.

Fairhaven Ministry, Road Mountain TN see website here

Heart Stream Resources, Liverpool PA see website here

Check out the website for the Southern District of the C@MA here

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